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Archive for September 18, 2013

The Importance of Keeping a Check List for When You Move

Written by admin. Posted in Moving list, Moving out check list, Moving out of country checklist

Apartment moving checklist

Beyond the mere planning and logistics involved with moving to a new city, perhaps the single most important element is the maintenance of a moving check list. In fact, you may want to make multiple moving checklists.

You’ll definitely want a master list from which you can keep track of the different steps of the moving process, from beginning to end. Of course, this apartment moving checklist will include the cleaning of your old space, the finalizing of plans with your new landlord, the hiring of a moving truck or renting of a mobile storage unit, and the purchasing of items you’ll need for your new home.

That being said, a separate check list for moving that details all the items you are packing in the moving truck is absolutely crucial. Having packed everything up and made it halfway to your