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Archive for September 10, 2013

Is Your Company’s Data Safe?

Written by admin. Posted in Android device management, Android management, Android security model

Android in the enterprise

Smartphones are so integrated into our daily lives that it’s little wonder that they’ve become such an integral part of our business dealings. About half of all American cell phone users own smartphones, and many use them for business purposes. While many companies do allow users to bring their own devices to work, implementing BYOD policies, there are a surprising number that don’t make any attempt to regulate the security of those devices.

It is estimated that by 2015, over half of smartphones used for business will be owned by employees, a statistic that wouldn’t be alarming if it weren’t for another figure: nearly half of all companies allowing BYOD have experienced security breaches because of their policies.

The Argument for BYOD

Allowing employees to use their own devices

Finding an Alternative to Mainstream News Sources

Written by admin. Posted in Best news sources on the web, Online news channel live, Online news video

Best source for international news

Nowadays, in order to get the most accurate and insightful information about current events, you must look to the best alternative news sources, more often than not. Through online news articles and radio online news programs, you can get unbiased reporting that isn’t beholden to powerful corporate interests or prone to biased commentary that favors a particular political bent.

Believe it or not, YouTube can be an excellent way to get access to the best coverage that has no agenda other than to report and respond to the news of the day with principled forthrightness. There, you can find free online news channels that cover the stories that are being underreported or misrepresented entirely.

For example, if you are interested in news coverage with a more liberal perspective while refrainin