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Archive for September 6, 2013

Bringing Your Own Device? Make Sure to Also Bring Along Mobile Device Management

Written by admin. Posted in Bring your own device, Desktop management, Ipads in the enterprise

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Bring your own device, or BYOD, has risen in popularity in part because in the United States, there are 230 million people using mobile devices, and 65 million of those devices are smartphones. With the growing use of smartphones, especially during work hours, companies are tapping into the availability of this technology to harness it for work use. When employees bring their own devices, they can save a company in costs, and also increase productivity.

With employees running around and using their own mobile devices to do work, there has rightfully also been a surge in the need for mobile device management. What many employers do not realize is that one of the most important reasons to manage mobile devices is to ensure security. The BYOD model is heavily reliant upon the cloud, which means that business gets d