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Archive for September 4, 2013

Getting Your Infrastructure Right

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Electrician virginia beach

An Hvac repair service is one of the most important technical services in the United States and around 78,000 Americans are employed in one field or another that is at least somewhat related. The air conditioner is really what makes it possible for Americans who live in some parts of the country to make their lives there. It can be difficult for people who live in a particularly hot climate to live in a place without heating.

That being said, people should be aware of the situations in which they are vulnerable to the power or powerlessness of the infrastructure that defines their homes. For example, people can lose their air conditioning or their heat because their house gets hit by a hur

Paper Files Impervious to Theft and Loss? Why Your Company Needs to Go Digital

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Neat receipts

Did you know that the cloud computing industry is worth roughly 150 billion dollars Everything is moving onto computers and, in most cases, online. Your office is no exception. More companies making the shift, and converting paper and physical files to electronic content. Why are companies finally taking the leap?


Paper files come with a lot of risks. Paper files will go up in smoke in the event of a fire, and they will be reduced to soggy messes should a floor occur. To top it all off, someone could easily steal or misplace physical files. Portable scanners, and business card readers, can leave all of those things where they belong… in the past. Companies can choose from two different types of Continue Reading 6 Comments