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Archive for July 26, 2013

Four Steps to Avoid Common Hiring Mistakes in Sales

Written by admin. Posted in Job in sales, Recruitment agency, Sales recruiters

Hiring a sales rep

Sales can be tricky. Hiring just about anyone and wishing for the best is not a tactical move. So how do you hire quality sales reps?

Follow these steps to avoid common mistakes when filling up sales jobs.

1. Do Not Underestimate the Turnover Rate

Sales is not an easy profession. It takes the right sort of people, and many who try it out are going to realize it is not for them. Do not let your workers whims hurt your company.

Remember, nearly a third or up to 32 percent of all sales employees have a tenure of less than a year. Keep in mind that you will more likely than not have to hire more people than you anticipated.

2. Know What Kind of Personality You Are Looking For

Sales is pretty unforgiving. A job in sales requires con