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Archive for May 25, 2013

Spice Up Your Party with Great Dips

Written by admin. Posted in Classic salsa, Hummus dip, Red pepper hummus

Spicy hummus dip

The earliest hummus recipe, or at least something similar to modern hummus, can be traced all the way back to 13th Century Egypt. The complete name of the dip that Americans know as “hummus, is actually “hummus bi tahini,” which is Arabic and actually means “chickpeas with tahini.” Nowadays, in order to give their guests a great snack during a party, individuals might want to give them classic mild salsa or find some great hummus recipes. Hummus dips and classic mild salsas are a great way to help individuals fight off their hunger. There are many hummus brands and classic mild salsa brands that individuals can find in stores, but great recipes using hummus and other ingredients can add a more unique flavor to parties and events.

In addition to classic mild salsas, event hosts can choose fum a number of different types of hummus, including jalapeno,roasted garlic, red pepper, sun dried tomato, roasted pine nut, spinach and artichoke, lemon, and others. As a result, there are many great alternatives to classic mild salsas for hosts to choose from. While they might not make the biggest hummus dish ever, which, according to Guinness, included 8 tons of boiled chick peas, two tons of lemon juice, two tons of tahini, and 154 lbs of olive oil, a more reasonable hummus dip can be a great addition to a party. They provide a great alternative to salsas and other dips that might be more greasy, fatty, and less appealing.