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Archive for November 6, 2012

Enjoy A Business Card Scanner

Written by admin. Posted in Expense report software, Mac scanner, Neatco

Digital filing system

Think about how many business cards you were handed that the last trade event you went to. Your industry is more than likely full of professionals carry several cards at all times. They like to have the cards out, since this is a very effective way to share info with one another. Developing a network of business contacts has long relied on the swapping of business cards at industry events.

Of course, holding onto all of those cars you received is a pain. It is more practical to scan them with a business card scanner. When a business card scanner captures the info on all of those cards you receive, it digitally stores the info on them and helps you create a contact list. Check out a business card scanner the next time you plan on attending a major event.

Walk in Bathtub

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Bathroom sinks and faucets

Most people don’t realize that a significant amount of injuries that occur at home take place in the bathroom. In fact, more than half of all home injuries involve the shower or the tub, which is a shocking statistic for most people. Innovative ideas have brought use solutions to increase safety in the bathroom, such as the invention of the walk in bathtub. A walk in bathtub eliminates certain dangerous elements involved with getting in and out of a tub. For example, traditional tubs require people to step over a ledge onto a slipper surface.

A walk in bathtub is equipped with a door to eliminate the need to step over a ledge. Furthermore, the surface inside a walk in bathtub is often layered with a no slip surface. People with physical disabilities and senior citizens find it difficult to navigate their way into a traditional tub. However, a walk in bathtub makes it extremely easy for the physically challenged and the elderly to get in a tub. Independence is something all of us enjoy, and a walk in bathtub provides independence for people who previously required help to get into a tub.

Increasing safety isn’t the only benefit that a walk in bathtub can provide. Homeowners who are planning on remodeling their bathroom have a variety of options to choose from. Those who are interested in created more space in their existing bathroom are highly encouraged to consider installing a walk in bathtub. Walk in tubs are designed taller, which requires less floor space. Therefore, a walk in bathtub is not only safe it also provides more room in the bathroom.

Sophisticated walk in tubs are designed with therapeutic water jets. A whirlpool system may provide alleviation from back pain, neck pain, and other types of physical pains. A walk in bathtub is designed with a door that provides a complete seal in order to prevent any water from escaping the tub. The drainage system of a walk in bathtub is designed to remove water relatively quickly to allow the occupant to open the door in a timely manner. Finding more information about a walk in bathtub is easily done on the web.